Investing in Chinese Infrastructure, Water Resources, and Agriculture Considered |

Many people that study the growth of civilizations believe that China got ahead of itself, then it expanded too rapidly, putting in too many factories, and the business sector grew too fast. Many of the cities also grew too fast, had overtaxed the water infrastructure, and it also created massive traffic jams. Indeed, we also know that this rapid growth in GDP and economic might added dire consequences for the environment.The Chinese with their central government are exceptional civilization builders. They are not afraid of building giant infrastructure projects and they never have been; the Great Wall of China for instance, and the more recent Three Gorges Dam. If you look at Beijing Airport, or the downtown areas of Shanghai or Beijing, or all the factories in the Guangdong Province all you see is huge infrastructure projects everywhere.If you are considering doing a little international investing it makes sense that you would want to invest in Chinese Infrastructure, water resources, or even Agriculture. Remember as more and more Chinese enter the middle class, and there is believed to be 470 million Chinese in the middle class now (earning $1200 per year annually) they can now afford to eat more than just fish and rice, and they are buying wine, and all sorts of food, and that food has to be grown.It therefore, makes sense to invest in Chinese companies that build tractors, do construction, or are involved in agriculture. These are some of the top performers on the Shanghai Index. And their growth is all but guaranteed. I hope you will please consider all this.